Radiolog wykonuje USG

Radiology is a field of medicine allowing us to image and diagnose internal organs. At Ginemedica Medical Center our radiology specialists perform ultrasound on very best USG imaging devices. It is highly important to have breast USG regularly and visualize thyroid to check its functions.


Price List

Radiology, Ultrasound

breast USG160 zł
Radiology consult with breast USG
dr Alicja Uszko, results interpretation, treatment plan, USG
200 zł
thyroid USG160 zł
abdomen USG160 zł
Children's abdomen USG160 zł
prostate USG160 zł
Testicle USG160 zł
Salivary glands USG160 zł
Arterial Doppler USG200 zł
Soft tissues USG160 zł