Endokrynolog wykonuje USG

Endocrinologist is a doctor who deals with endocrine glands - both diseases caused by disorders in the functioning of these glands and the hormones they produce. These glands include: thyroid, parathyroid, ovaries, testes, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals, pancreas.

Our Medical Center is staffed by endocrinologists who consult their patients both in terms of the results of laboratory tests and the ultrasound image of the thyroid gland. Regular checkup with an endocrinologist is extremely important in diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, insulin resistance, infertility or menstrual disorders.

  • endocrinology consultation
  • thyroid ultrasound
  • thyroid biopsy


Price List

Endocrine medicine services

Endocrinology consult without ultrasound examination260 zł
Endocrinology consult with ultrasound examination300 zł
Endocrinology consult with ultrasound examination - first visit
dr Justyna Góral, for your first visit, please bring current tests (from a maximum of 1 weeks ago): TSH, FT3, FT4, anti-TPO, anti-TG, from February 1, 2024. cost 350 zł
350 zł
Endocrinology consult - online260 zł
Endocrinology consult
prof. Andrzej Milewicz
320 zł
Endocrinology consult - online
prof. Andrzej Milewicz; follow-up visits only
250 zł
Endocrinology consult with thyroid biopsy550 zł
Endocrinology consult of children without ultrasound examination
dr Gładysz, dr August-Skarżyńska
280 zł
Endocrinology consult of children with ultrasound examination
dr Gładysz
300 zł
Endocrinology consult of children with ultrasound examination
dr August-Skarżyńska
320 zł
Gynecological-endocrinological consultation320 zł