Cardiology is a branch of medicine focused on diseases and defects of cardiovascular system, their diagnostics and treatment. In Ginemedica Medical Center we offer you professional medical care by specialists of cardiology and access to various diagnostic tests, such as EKG, USG and labs.


Price List


Consultation without examination200 zł
Consultation with ultrasound of the heart250 zł
Consultation with the EKG250 zł
Consultation with ultrasound and ECG300 zł
Children's consultation with ultrasound and ECG400 zł


Hypertensiological consultation
diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension
220 zł


Pressure Holter monitor 24 h150 zł
EKG Holter monitor 24 h200 zł

Prenatal cardiology

Fetal heart ultrasound"Prenatal Testing" tab