A podiatrist is a specialist who deals with diseases and ailments within the feet. Uses knowledge in the field of prophylaxis and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, vascular diseases and general care of the lower limbs. It treats patients at risk, such as those with diabetes or those with rheumatic lesions. Therefore, he is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as the care and regeneration of cracked heels or damaged nails.

Podology treatments should be used primarily by patients with reduced mobility, skin, bone and joint diseases, metabolic diseases, with faulty foot positioning and deformation of the fingers, with ailments on the feet, as well as with ingrown or fungal nails, sweating feet and heel clefts.


Price List


Medical pedicure220 zł
Treatment of cracked heels150 zł
Cleansing of the soles180 zł
Nail shortening and treatment100 zł
Shortening and polishing out of thickness120 zł
Cleaning and trimming of a nail with pathological changes140 zł
Cleaning and cutting off more than one pathological nail chorobowo200 zł
Cleaning ingrown nail and application of a tamponade130 zl
Application of a fraser clamp220 zł
Extraction of a previously applied clamp120 zl
Nail reconstruction120 zł
Replacement of tamponade40 zł
Callus removal on the sole
regardless of the number
160 zł
Removal of an imprint
one imprint
130 zł
Corns removal and relieving170 zl