Laryngology focuses on diagnostics and treatment of ear, sinus, nose, trachea, larynx, bronchi, esophagus and pharynx problems. Doctor removes foreign bodies from ears, nose and trachea, treans broken nose, clears ears. Laryngology consult is advised when experiencing tinnitus, pressure in ears, hearing deficiency, reoccuring nose bleeds.

Frenulum undercutting 

Frenulum undercutting procedure might be a necessity when the frenulum is too short and makes it hard for an infant to suck breat, which may hasten introducing the baby to formula. The procedure is performed in local anesthesia and brings immediate relief.


Price List


Laryngology consult200 zł
Children's laryngolory consult200 zł
Laryngology consult with endoscopy
dr Czubak
230 zł


Undercutting of the frenulum 300 zł
undercutting the frenulum of the tongue and the upper frenulum550 zł