Badania laboratoryjne

At Ginemedica Medical Center we offer you wide variety of laboratory diagnostic tests. We cooperate with best labs in the city to provide our patients with reliable results of blood tests, genetic tests, mycological and bacteriological smears.

Price List

Laboratory diagnostic tests

General urine test15 zł
Urine culture30 zł
Complete morphology17 zł
ESR (OB)10 zł
Glucose12 zł
Insulin41 zł
Ferritin41 zł
Cortisol50 zł
Blood type41 zł
Immune antibodies39 zł

Laboratory tests - electrolytes

Sodium (Na)11 zł
Potassium (K)11 zł
Chlorides19 zł
Ferrum (Fe)10 zł
Calcium (Ca)12 zł

Laboratory tests - vitamins

Vitamin D
75 zł
Vitamin D
185 zł
Vitamin B1245 zł

Laboratory tests - thyroid

TSH25 zł
FT326 zł
FT426 zł
anti-TG43 zł
anti-TPO43 zł

Laboratory tests - liver

Liver tests
GPT, GOT, ALP, Bilirubin, GGT
35 zł
GPT (ALT)12 zł
GOT (AST)12 zł
Bilirubin12 zł
GGT (GGTP)13 zł

Laboratory tests - hormones

Progesterone31 zł
Prolactin21 zł
pregnancy test
37 zł
Testosterone31 zł
Free testosterone79 zł

Tumor markers

CA 12537 zł
CA 15-337 zł
CA 19-937 zł
CEA37 zł
PSA39 zł
All tests with the price list are available at the facility and by contacting us by phone or e-mail.