Wojciech Czernaś

Wojciech Czernaś

  • Polish

Specialization: Specialist in psychiatry.

Experience: He gained his professional experience as an active psychiatrist in the Psychiatric Ward, Mental Health Clinic, Addiction Clinic, Day Ward, as a court expert, lecturer at the State University. Stanisław Staszic in Piła or in commercial activities. He held managerial positions in the Psychiatric Ward in Złotów for 13 years, including for 5 years as a referring physician, and for 1.5 years as the head of the ministerial program of Mental Health Centers.

Treatment: He is an interdisciplinary doctor, i.e. by approaching the patient’s health problems comprehensively, he tries to properly diagnose the disease, remembering that the mental state is inextricably linked with the physical state. Carefully selects treatment, as much as possible using monotherapy (i.e. treatment with a single drug) to minimize the risk of side effects.

Training and scientific work: She constantly develops her knowledge by actively participating in many conferences and scientific meetings.

Other: Guarantees a friendly atmosphere for everyone in a mental crisis.