Sofiia Fostiak

Sofiia Fostiak

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Trend: Psychodynamic.

Specialization: Psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Doświadczenie: In 2020 she graduated from Lviv National Medical University named by D. Halytsky. In the same year she received European recognition as a doctor at the Medical University of Białystok (UMB, Poland). Sofiia is currently undergoing theoretical training as a psychotherapist at the Lviv Psychoanalytic Institute of Mental Health in Lviv and is gaining experience in psychoanalytic group therapy at the Truskavets School of Psychotherapy. She gained professional experience at the Lviv Regional Psychoneurological Hospital, where she worked as a doctor for 2 years, experience as a psychotherapist – 1 year.

Treatment: The psychotherapist works in the psychodynamic direction, specializes in individual and group psychoanalysis, psychotherapy of adolescents. The main problems that a psychotherapist works with: depression and anxiety, crises, relationship problems, difficulties in understanding one’s emotions, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, supportive psychotherapy for mental illness.

Other: The philosophy of Sofiia’s work is that each of us is just a person who needs, above all, love, stable and trusting relationships, and the therapy itself is just a tool for this.

Provides psychotherapy in Ukrainian and English.