mgr Paulina Flis-Czech

mgr Paulina Flis-Czech

psychologist, sexologist, psychotherapist
  • Polish
  • English

Approach: Cognitive-behavioral and schema therapy.

Specialization: Psychologist, certified psychotherapist of the Polish Society of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and certified clinical sexologist of the Polish Sexological Society.

Experience: A graduate of the SWPS University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Wrocław, specialization in clinical psychology. Scholar of studies at the University of Florence, Italy. She completed postgraduate studies in the field of sexology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. She completed the specialization path of improving sexology courses at the Center for Postgraduate Medical Education at the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw, under the direction of prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz. She gained professional experience at the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic, at the Lower Silesian Mental Health Center in Wrocław and at the Child Development Center.

Treatment: Specializes in the treatment of such disorders as vaginismus, dyspareunia, orgasm disorders, lack of joyful sexual contact, lack of sexual drive or its excess, discomfort during sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty getting pregnant without a clear medical basis. She works with couples facing the loss of a child. She deals with the sexuality of children and adolescents. She willingly helps people with problems in relationships with people and with problems in dealing with the difficulties of everyday life.

Training: Participant of many conferences and workshops in the field of sexology. She is the author of a publication published in “Sexuologia Polska”, based on her own research. In her experience, she also has speeches at conferences.

Membership: Member of the Polish Sexological Society and the Polish Society of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

Other: She is also an academic lecturer. She has been running a support group for transgender people and their relatives for years.