mgr Monika Minicz (Płocica)

mgr Monika Minicz (Płocica)

psychologist, psychotherapist
  • Polish

Approach: Cognitive-behavioral.

Specialization: Psychologist and psychotherapist under certification.

Experience: Graduated from psychology at the SWPS University in Wrocław, pedagogy at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and from the School of Children and Youth Therapy. Currently, she is participating in 4-year postgraduate studies in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy under the supervision of Dr. Agnieszka Popiel and Dr. Ewa Pragłowska, as well as at the Psychological Education Center in Wrocław. She gained professional experience, among others, in the Psychiatric Ward at the Lower Silesian Mental Health Center in Wrocław and the Day Psychiatric Ward at the Specialist Hospital of Dr. Alfred Sokołowski. Currently, she works at the Neuromed Neuromed Center for Neuropsychiatry in Wrocław, at the Day Psychiatric Ward for Children and Adolescents, and at the Mental Health Clinic.

Treatment: Conducts individual therapy for adolescents and adults. Works with people suffering from anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, simple phobias), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), mood disorders (depression), sleep disorders (insomnia) and personality disorders. It also helps people experiencing relationship problems, life crises, stress, struggling with low self-esteem. It is based on cognitive-behavioral and humanistic methods related to acceptance and commitment. Sje selects working methods individually so that they lead to solving the problem.

Trainings: She raises her qualifications by participating in numerous trainings.

Others: In the therapeutic process, authentic contact with another person is important to her. She subject her work to regular supervision.