mgr Marta Kozaryn

mgr Marta Kozaryn

diagnostic psychologist, psychotherapist
  • Polish

Approach: Systemic.

Experience: She is a diagnostic psychologist and psychotherapist during certification. She graduated from Psychology with a clinical specialty at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and training in psychotherapy of children and adolescents. She is in the process of obtaining a psychotherapist certificate in the field of individual, couples and family systemic psychotherapy at WTTS in Poznań. She has pedagogical preparation, which she gained during her master’s studies in Pedagogy at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Zielona Góra and during postgraduate studies in speech therapy, neurologopedics, pedagogical therapy and diagnosis, and oligophrenopedagogy. She gained her professional experience at the Neuropsychiatry Centre, Mental Health Clinics, at the Psychological and Psychiatric Clinic, at the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic as well as in schools and kindergartens.

Treatment: She works with adult patients, adolescents and children in the field of: neurodevelopmental disorders (autism spectrum, ADHD), mood disorders, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, related to stress and occupational burnout, psychosomatic disorders and difficulties in school learning, i.e.: concentration of attention and memory, disorders of speech expression and broadcasting, dyslexia and dysorthography.

She conducts consultations, provides support in crisis situations and psychological assistance to children, adolescents and adults, consults the family system. She conducts psychological diagnosis of adults, adolescents and children in the direction of the autism and ADHD spectrum in cooperation with medical staff. She uses standardized tests and questionnaires to conduct a psychological diagnosis of emotional state, level of intellectual development, personality and temperament. Diagnoses individual developmental and educational needs as well as psychophysical abilities of children and adolescents. She conducts consultations and makes diagnoses in the field of assessing the development of expression and speech understanding as well as assessing the development of children from the risk group. She gives her opinion on the need to include the child in the early development support programme.

Training: She has certificates that authorize her to test the level of intellectual development with the Stanford-Binet 5 Intelligence Scale, clinical observation using the ADOS 2 questionnaires and to conduct the Munich Functional Developmental Diagnostics test. She constantly deepens her knowledge and diagnostic and therapeutic skills during courses, trainings and conferences.

She supervises her work. She adheres to the code of ethics of the profession of psychologist.