mgr Magdalena Rewers (Adamus)

mgr Magdalena Rewers (Adamus)

psychotherapist, sexologist
  • Polish

Approach: Integrated.

Specialization: Psychotherapist during psycho-oncology training, sexologist.

Experience: Has experience in working with adults, school youth and children. She completed postgraduate studies – Psychological Assistance in the field of Sexology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. She is a university lecturer.

Treatment: Offers consultations on: mental problems, difficulties in sexual life, sexual education, relationship problems, sexual dysfunctions of men and women, acceptance of one’s own sexual orientation, disorders of sexual preferences and identity, problems of psychosexual maturation. She works with couples after loss and in anticipation of a child. She supports cancer patients and their families.

Trainings: She cares about the highest quality of the help she provides, therefore she constantly improves her workshop by participating in trainings and postgraduate studies. Participated, inter alia, in intensive training NEST (The New Experience for Surviovors of Trauma) in providing therapeutic help for people experiencing neglect (emotional, mental, physical), violence (verbal, sexual, physical) and reproductive losses (miscarriage, abortion, perinatal death). She participated in workshops on Rational Behavior Therapy and Simonton Therapy organized by the Simonton Institute of Health and the UNICORN Association.

Membership: Belongs to the Polish Sexological Society and the Polish Psychiatric Society.

Others: Works under constant supervision.