mgr Klaudia Sobczak

mgr Klaudia Sobczak

child and adolescent psychologist
  • Polish

Approach: Cognitive-behavioral.

Specialization: Psychologist.

Experience: She completed uniform master’s studies in the field of psychology at the University of Wrocław (specialty – clinical psychology of children and adolescents) and postgraduate studies in the field of Pedagogical preparation. She gained work experience by co-leading sociotherapy for children and adolescents at the SUPER-ego’s Lower Silesian Center of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and working as a school psychologist in primary schools. Currently, she works at Primary School No. 74 in Wrocław, where she conducts, among other things, consultations for students and parents, group and individual classes developing emotional and social competences. She also conducts individual psychological therapy for students with a Statement of Need for Special Education and difficulties in regulating emotions.

Treatment: Provides psychological consultations for people between 14 and 30 years of age with difficulties in regulating emotions, behavioral disorders, with mild intellectual disabilities, experiencing fears and low self-esteem. She conducts psychological and educational counseling for parents.

Training: Regularly invests in training in psychological support, diagnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques. From January 2023, she begins a four-year psychotherapeutic training in the Cognitive-Behavioral direction.

Other: When conducting consultations, she is guided primarily by the ethics of the psychologist’s profession, empathy, openness, sensitivity and respect. In her work, she focuses on establishing relationships, ensuring a sense of security and acceptance. She helps in understanding behavior, emotions and introducing changes that support the proper development of children and adolescents.