mgr Katarzyna Stachowska

mgr Katarzyna Stachowska

psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist
  • Polish
  • English

Approach: Gestalt.

Specialization: Psychologist, sexologist and psychotherapist under certification.

Experience: In working with clients, she uses the knowledge gained during the “Psychology” studies completed at the University of Wrocław, the Gestalt Center for Psychological Education in Wrocław, as well as the Postgraduate Studies “Clinical Sexology – Opinion, Education, Therapy” established at the Institute of Psychology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań .

Treatment: Specializes in psychological help in the Gestalt trend and sexological counseling. Studies, however, are not everything in the relationship with the client. Each session is an individual meeting that enriches with elements of other therapeutic approaches and your own experience.

Other: She chose to work as a therapist because, with her empathy and the ability to empathize, she wants to help those willing to reach the resources that allow them to feel fulfilled and satisfied. Her work is subject to regular individual and group supervision.


Information from Mrs. Mgr:

I cordially invite you to the office space, where, in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Psychologist Profession, you will be able to freely find your own way to express what you feel, and I will be an attentive and respectful partner in the conversation. We will meet in a place where there are no right or wrong answers, there is truth, there is a conversation during which there are doubts, tears, silence, but also smaller or larger miracles and healings will take place. What happens during meetings is only for your good.

In sexological counseling, I believe in the values ​​of positive sexuality perceived as a very important element of human functioning – not arousing a sense of guilt and shame, being an aspect of life that is taken care of as carefully as health, well-being and general well-being. This approach encourages sex education, acceptance of your sexuality, affirmation of it, as well as a sense of security in being who you are. Meetings are based on dialogue, you will come to me as my guest and tell me what brings you. You will certainly have the opportunity to feel your body, what it tells you and experience emotions. With your own story, you will invite me to your world, and I will try to color it. Together we will be able to return to your past if you are afraid to do it yourself and still feel the need to close unfinished chapters. Perhaps we will start a new stage in a friendly atmosphere. My dog, Bombay, often accompanies us during meetings. Bombay is an extremely sensitive Being who enriches the process and reduces nervous tension and stress related to the visit. As soon as he feels he can help the situation, with my permission, he will gently come to you.

Why Gestalt?

This trend assumes looking at a person as a whole, situating him in the context of all the circumstances around him. He tries to combine all dimensions of existence – emotional, spiritual, bodily, rational life and relationships with others. When the balance between dimensions is disturbed, difficulties arise in our lives. Personal problems, work problems, health problems. And this is where looking at it with the support of a psychologist/therapist can be the first, often pleasant, step to finding an inner balance, a simple solution, and often an answer to many doubts.