mgr Joanna Niedzielska

mgr Joanna Niedzielska

psychologist, psychotherapist
  • Polish

Approach: Systemic.

Specialization: Psychologist and psychotherapist during certification.

Experience: She is a certified social skills training therapist for children and teenagers and a psychotherapist working in the systemic trend (focused on family relationships and improving them) during certification. In addition, she has an art therapy education – this means that she conducts therapy using art.

Treatment: She works with children, adolescents and adults. She supports at every stage of life. What will she help with?
– in life difficulties
– if you are an ACoA (adult child of an alcoholic/alcoholics)
– you suffer from depression or anxiety disorders
– if your teenage child suffers from depression, self-mutilates or has attempted suicide

Main area of ​​interest: Working with people on the AUTISM spectrum. Diagnoses developmental disorders in children and adolescents, conducts therapy. In addition, she conducts FAMILY and COUPLE psychotherapy.

Other: Her office is open and LGBT+ friendly.

Privately, she loves her dogs and cats, hiking in the woods, time with a good book and painting. “So, can you be invited to the first meeting? We’ll talk and see how I can help you.”