Mateusz Patyk

Mateusz Patyk

  • Polish

Specialization: Radiology specialist.

Experience: He graduated from medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Silesian Piasts in Wrocław. In 2022 obtained the title of doctor of medical sciences. He was appointed to conduct ultrasound examinations in newborns at the Neonatal Department (Chałubińskiego Street). He performs medical duties in the field of pediatric radiology at the University Clinical Hospital at ul. Borowska, where tests are carried out, among others for the Department of Pediatric Surgery, the Hospital Emergency Department and the Children’s Hematology Clinic.

Treatment: In his professional work, for several years, he has independently performed numerous ultrasound examinations in both children of all ages and adults.

Main area of ​​interest: His scientific and professional interests focus on radiology, lung diseases and childhood diseases.

Training and scientific work: In recent years, great emphasis and commitment has been placed on the diagnosis of childhood diseases. He improves his competences in the field of imaging diagnostics by participating in courses and industry conferences.

Other: During his studies, he received two awards from the Minister of Science and Higher Education for scientific achievements in the field of medical sciences. He was also the beneficiary of the Diamond Grant award, thanks to which in 2014-2018 he was the head of the research project entitled “Usefulness of Virtual Bronchoscopy Computed Tomography in the assessment of the airway in patients with bronchial asthma.”