Martyna Skalska

Martyna Skalska

  • Polish

Specialization: In 2018, she graduated from the Medical University of Wrocław, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in obstetrics. With a passion for working with children also in old age, she continued her education in pedagogy at the University of Wrocław, obtaining a master’s degree and a specialist in early childhood and preschool therapy. From 2021, she also specializes in obstetric and gynecological nursing.

Experience: She gained her experience during apprenticeships in hospitals, gynecology and obstetrics clinics and educational institutions in the city of Wrocław.

Training: She constantly broadens her knowledge and qualifications by participating in various courses and training. In addition to training in obstetrics and gynecology, she completed, among others, an ECG recording course in adults.

Other: She has been working at the Ginemedica Medical Center since 2019. Working at the collection points of one of the largest networks of medical laboratories in Poland, she gained technical skills useful in working with people at every stage of life.