lek. Paweł Hajnasiewicz

lek. Paweł Hajnasiewicz

  • Polish

Specialization: In the course of specialization in psychiatry.

Experience: He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Silesian Piasts in Wrocław. Currently, he is carrying out a specialization training in adult psychiatry at the Lower Silesian Mental Health Center in Wrocław. He gains experience by working and on duty in 24-hour and day wards, treatment of neurotic and detoxification disorders and consulting in the emergency room.

Treatment: Consults adult patients. Respect, trust and cooperation in the treatment process are of key importance to the patient. He pays particular attention to ensuring that the pharmacotherapy he proposes is well tolerated by the patient.

Training and scientific work: He broadens his knowledge by participating in lectures, training and conferences and by reading current specialist literature.

Membership: He is a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association.