lek. Monika Małecka

lek. Monika Małecka

  • Polish
  • English

Specialization: In the course of specialization in adult psychiatry.

Experience: Graduate of the Medical University in Wrocław. On a daily basis, she works in the inpatient department of the Psychiatry Clinic of the University Teaching Hospital in Wrocław, where she gains professional experience as part of a specialist training in adult psychiatry. She also carries out 4-year postgraduate studies in psychotherapy in the field of integration and completed a one-year study of psychological treatment of eating disorders.

Training and scientific work: In addition to clinical activities, she is associated with the Department of Psychiatry in terms of research – she is a participant in the 4th year of the Doctoral School, participates in research projects and conducts classes with students.

She accepts patients in English and Polish.