lek. Mateusz Michalczyk

lek. Mateusz Michalczyk

pediatric neurologist
  • Polish
  • English

Specialization: A doctor undergoing specialization in pediatric neurology.

Experience: A graduate of the medical faculty of the Medical University of Silesian Piasts in Wrocław (2018). On a daily basis, he works at the Department of Pediatric Neurology at the Lower Silesian Specialist Hospital. T. Marciniak in Wrocław.

Treatment: Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system in children and adolescents.

Main area of ​​interest: movement disorders, seizure incidents, eye movement disorders (neuroophthalmology), headaches and dizziness, sleep disorders.

Information from the doctor:

For the visit, please bring all previous medical documentation (test results, CT records, MRI) and the child’s health book with you. In neurological diagnostics, films recorded with a phone turn out to be very helpful (and sometimes crucial!) – it is mainly important in the case of seizure incidents (e.g. epilepsy, sleep disorders, periodic movement disorders), but not only! If it is known that the child “poorly tolerates” visits to the doctor, cries and does not allow himself to be examined, then it is good to record him in his “natural environment” (e.g. during play), then you can assess how the child functions on a daily basis.