lek. Maciej Nowicki

lek. Maciej Nowicki

surgeon, thoracic surgeon
  • Polish

Specialization: Specialist in general surgery and thoracic surgery.

Experience: He has 25 years of professional experience. Since 2008 he has been a specialist in general surgery, and since 2014 a specialist in thoracic surgery. He completed his specialization training in thoracic surgery at the Wrocław Thoracic Surgical Center of the Lower Silesian Center for Lung Diseases in Wrocław. Currently, he is employed at the Surgical Clinic of the Military Hospital in Wrocław.

Treatment: Accepts patients for tocarosurgical and surgical consultations.

Training and scientific work: For over 5 years he has been performing resection procedures in the minimally invasive technique (“through the keyhole”).

Main areas of interest: His special interest is the surgical treatment of lung cancer.

Detailed information about the Doctor can be found at www.torakochirurg-wroclaw.pl