lek. Katarzyna Hoffmann-Pirogowicz

lek. Katarzyna Hoffmann-Pirogowicz

  • Polish

Specialization: Pediatric specialist, in the course of specializing in allergology.

Experience: She obtained her diploma in 2008 at the Medical Academy of Wrocław. She gained her many years of experience in the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław, working in the General Pediatric Ward, as well as on duty in specialist pediatric wards and the Admission Room. She gained additional experience working in primary healthcare.

Membership: Member of the Polish Pediatric Society and the Polish Society of Allergology. An expert of the Vaccination Foundation – “Rozwiewamy wątpliwości”.

Treatment: Today, as a specialist, she consults both sick and healthy children. She qualifies children for vaccinations both in the scope of compulsory and recommended vaccinations. The main professional interests are allergic diseases of children, atopic dermatitis, childhood asthma, infectious diseases, nutrition of infants and older children, and vaccinations.

Other: During the visit, she pays great attention to a calm atmosphere, makes sure that the little patient feels safe and does not feel fear related to the examination, and the parent understands the recommendations and has no doubts about the further procedure.

Privately, she is passionate about many sports, a fan of healthy but delicious cuisine and she loves to travel.