lek. Katarzyna Cichańska

lek. Katarzyna Cichańska

  • Polish

Specialization: A doctor during specialization.

Experience: A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Silesian Piasts in Wrocław. Already during her studies, she was a member of the Psychiatric Scientific Circle, where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge in the field of psychiatry. She carry out specialization training at the Psychiatric Hospital at the Medical Center in Milicz – initially at the Detoxification Ward, now at the Women’s Ward.

Training and scientific work: She broaden my clinical knowledge by participating in numerous courses, conferences, and reading the latest scientific publications in the field of mental health.

Others: When working with patients, she pay special attention to a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. She believe that open communication with the patient, honesty and knowledge based on the latest treatment standards is a guarantee of therapeutic success. Her priority is to improve the quality of life and functioning of my patients.