lek. Janusz Ćmikiewicz

lek. Janusz Ćmikiewicz

urologist, pediatric urologist, pediatric surgeon
  • Polish

Specialization: Specialist urologist and specialist in pediatric surgery.

Experience: A graduate of 1987 at the Medical Academy in Wrocław. From 1987 he worked in the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the T. Marciniak Specialist Hospital, where he gained extensive surgical experience, experience in the field of, among others, trauma surgery, neonatal surgery and urology. In 1992, he organized and then managed the Pediatric Ultrasound Laboratory, gaining extensive experience in ultrasound diagnostics and interventional ultrasound. Since 1998 he has been associated with CUM Proximum, where as part of private practice he deals with ultrasound of children and adults. During his specialization in urology, he was associated with the Clinic of Urology and Urological Oncology of the Medical University in Wrocław, and then from 2008. until January 2021 with the Urology Department of the T. Marciniak Lower Silesian Specialist Hospital, where, among others, he performed endourological and oncological procedures, lithotripsy procedures in urolithiasis.

Treatment: He has experience in managing patients with diseases of the urinary system and male genital organs, prostate diseases, urinary tract infections, cancers of the urinary system and male genital organs, as well as in caring for patients after urological procedures.

Training and scientific work: He has participated many times in scientific congresses of the Polish Urological Society, Polish Ultrasound Society, Polish Society of Children’s Surgeons, symposia and scientific meetings.

Membership: Member of the Polish Society of Urology, the Polish Ultrasound Society and the Polish Society of Pediatric Surgeons, including the PTChD Urology Section.