lek. Filip Wszołek

lek. Filip Wszołek

  • Polish

Specialization: During specialization.

Experience: He is a graduate of the medical faculty of the Medical University of Silesian Piasts in Wrocław. Currently, he works in the General Psychiatric Ward of the Milicz Medical Center, where he conducts specialization training in the field of psychiatry. She has experience in working with patients affected by affective, anxiety, psychotic and personality disorders, as well as with people with addiction.

Treatment: In his daily practice, he is guided by the current medical knowledge, with comfort and improvement of the patient’s quality of life as the main goal. He draws attention to the holistic approach to the patient and close cooperation in the field of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy to find the optimal solution to problems.

Training and scientific work: He is constantly expanding his competences by participating in scientific conferences, psychiatric workshops and getting acquainted with the latest scientific publications.

Other: He cares about building an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust, which he considers to be the key to achieving therapeutic success and, consequently, achieving the patient’s mental well-being.