lek. Agnieszka Krawendek

lek. Agnieszka Krawendek

  • Polish
  • English

Specialization: Paediatrics specialist.

Experience: She is a graduate of the Medical University of Wrocław. She gained her professional experience in the Pediatric Department of the Hospital in Trzebnica and during outpatient work, providing medical care for both sick and healthy children.

Treatment: She offers consultations both for healthy children (patronage visits, balance sheets, monitoring of child development, vaccinations) as well as for sick children. During a pediatric visit, it is also possible to perform an ultrasound of the lungs.

Training and scientific work: She is constantly expanding my knowledge by regularly participating in medical conferences, as well as following the latest medical reports in the field of pediatrics.

Other: In addition, in May 2015. received a certificate of the Polish Ultrasound Society in the field of pediatrics. Since then, She has been educating myself in the field of lung ultrasound diagnostics.

Consultations also possible in English.