lek. Agnieszka Honek-Lenczyk

lek. Agnieszka Honek-Lenczyk

  • Polish

Specialization: Psychiatry specialist.

Experience: She gained her knowledge working in general psychiatric, 24-hour and day wards, an addiction treatment ward, and a neurosis ward. She also worked in a primary health care facility, carried out external internships, e.g. at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, at the Military Clinical Hospital in Wrocław.

Treatment: Diagnoses and treats people suffering from depression and other mood disorders, PTSD, anxiety disorders, neuroses, psychoses, sleep disorders, ADHD and other mental disorders.

Training and scientific work: She constantly educates herself at conferences and courses, uses scientific literature and current guidelines.

Membership: She is a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association.

Other: Work with the patient begins with a thorough interview, conducted in a calm and safe atmosphere, respecting the patient’s boundaries. The diagnosis is made after a comprehensive analysis of the nature of the symptoms and the circumstances of their appearance, but also taking into account the individual history of the patient and his personality conditions. Treatment is based on pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods, depending on medical indications and patient preferences, taking into account the somatic condition and possible drug interactions. She believes that the role of the patient in treatment is no less important than that of the doctor, and that the treatment must be accepted and well tolerated by him.