Irena Beder

Irena Beder

Shantala massage instructor
  • Polish

Experience: Graduate of the Master’s Degree in Obstetrics at the Medical University of Silesian Piasts in Wrocław.

Training: As part of the continuous expansion of her knowledge, in 2021 she obtained the certificate of Massage Instructor for Children and Adults using the Shantal Method.

Services: Has all the qualifications to perform and teach Shantala Massage for babies, children, adults and pregnant women. In her work, she focuses primarily on massage of adults and pregnant women (Shantala Body Touch Massage). It also offers Shantala Massage tutorials for couples, after which partners can independently perform Shantala massage for each other at home.

Others: Her main goal is to promote the beneficial effects of Shantala massage on the physical and mental health of children and adults.