dr n. med. Zbigniew Obuszko

dr n. med. Zbigniew Obuszko

surgeon, oncologist
  • Polish
  • English

Specialization: General surgeon. Specialist in oncological surgery.

Experience: He obtained his doctor’s diploma in 1987 at the Medical Academy in Wrocław. In the years 1989 – 1991 he was a junior assistant at the Department of Oncological Surgery at the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław, where he obtained a 1st degree specialization in general surgery. In 1993 he was awarded the Prince of Wales Scholarship and in 1993-1994 he worked as an assistant in the Breast Cancer Unit at Nottingham City Hospital. In later years, he was also an assistant in the departments of general surgery, thoracic surgery and cardiac surgery there. After returning to the country in the years 1997 – 2005, he worked again at the Department of Oncological Surgery at DCO in Wrocław, where he obtained a specialization in oncological surgery and defended his doctoral thesis. During the next trip to Great Britain, he became the head of the department of breast diseases at the hospital in Carlisle. At present, he is a senior assistant at the Oncological Surgery Department of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław.

Treatment: Specializes in thyroid biopsies as well as core-needle and mammotome biopsies of breasts. He performs surgical procedures such as removal of breast lumps, skin and subcutaneous lesions. At WSS, he performs a full range of operations in the field of oncological surgery.

Training and scientific work: In 1994, he worked in the quality control department of East Midlands mammography screening in Great Britain. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on mammotome biopsy and received his PhD in 2005. He completed training in sentinel node diagnostics in Hannover and London in 2003 and 2007. In 2009 he completed a course in plastic and reconstructive breast surgery in London.