dr n. med. Renata Mozrzymas

dr n. med. Renata Mozrzymas

pediatric gastrologist
  • Polish

Specialization: Paediatric disease specialist, gastroenterologist, metabolic paediatric specialist.

Experience: Diploma of the Medical Academy in Wrocław, work in the 2nd Department of Pediatrics and Gastroenterology in Wrocław, internships for the first and second degree of specialization in Italy /University of Trieste and Padua, Pediatric Clinic, scientific scholarship in Padua and Washington. Since 2000 she has been working at the Regional Specialist Hospital in Kamieńskiego Street in Wrocław. She has been teaching metabolic block diet therapy at the Medical University for 10 years. She holds a doctorate in medical sciences.

Treatment: Treats gastrointestinal diseases in children and treats overweight and obesity in combination with very accessible education.

Main area of interest: Implementation of the energy exchanger system in the treatment of obesity in children and adults, as well as in metabolic diseases, extensive use of educational games, including dietary block models, in nutrition education.

Training and scientific works: She is the author of numerous scientific publications, 5 books dedicated to the dietary treatment of PKU based on the exchange system. She organises cyclical PKU Wrocław Meetings and cooking workshops dedicated to low-protein diets.