dr n. med. Marek Rząca

dr n. med. Marek Rząca

oncological surgery
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Specialization: Surgeon, specialist in oncological surgery.

Experience: Outstanding oncologist with over 30 years of experience, doctor of medical sciences. He worked for many years at the Lower Silesian Oncology Center, and currently at the Cancer Diagnostics Department of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław. Head of the Rapid Breast Diagnostics Center in the program of the Municipal Office in Wrocław. One of the most experienced oncological surgeons in Wrocław.

Treatment: Diagnoses and treats breast and gastrointestinal cancers. He performs breast biopsies under ultrasound guidance, both thick-needle and mammotomic. He is qualified to perform endoscopic examinations and procedures.

Main area of ​​interest: His interests focus on the diagnosis and treatment of breast and ovarian cancers. For many years, he has been dealing with cryosurgical treatment of skin, mucous membranes and breast cancers.

Other: He has a patent “Dielectric probe for detecting neoplastic changes in the mammary gland”.