dr n. med. Magdalena Mazurak

dr n. med. Magdalena Mazurak

pediatric cardiologist
  • Polish
  • English
  • French

Specialization: Specialist in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology.

Experience: After obtaining her doctor’s diploma, she worked for 6 years in the Neonatology Clinic of the Medical University in Wrocław, where in 2007 she defended her doctoral thesis. For many years a senior assistant at the Department of Pediatric Cardiology of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław.

Training and scientific work: She is the author of the translation and scientific editing of a fragment of the textbook “Konsultacja Kliniczna w Pediatrii, vol. 2” and the author of the book Atlas of Neonatology. She has published several dozen articles in specialist medical journals (topics: neonatology, history of interventional cardiology, eponyms in cardiology).

Membership: She is a member of the Pediatric Cardiology Section of the Polish Cardiac Society and the French Society for the History of Medicine.

Other: Laureate of the Scientific Award of Prof. Zbigniew Religa in 2016 for the book “Kolumbowie. Cardiology in eponyms ”.