dr n. med. Filip Stramecki

dr n. med. Filip Stramecki

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Specialization: Psychiatry specialist.

Experience: He is a graduate of the Medical University in Wrocław. In 2022, he obtained the academic title of doctor of medical sciences for the dissertation entitled “The role of the FKBP5 gene polymorphism in the development of psychotic-like experiences as a result of traumatic life events”. He completed his specialization training at the Lower Silesian Mental Health Center.

Treatment: Most often he deals with mental disorders, such as ADHD in adults, anxiety and depression disorders, acute stress reaction, first psychotic episodes or schizophrenia.

Training and scientific work: He conducted classes with students of the Faculty of Medicine in the field of psychiatry, carries out scientific research, participates in numerous research projects and writes scientific articles. She actively participates in national and international conferences and workshops, constantly expanding her knowledge and professional experience. He is the author and co-author of numerous international scientific publications.

Membership: He is a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association and the World Federation of ADHD,

Other: When working with patients, he is a precise, patient and open person. It focuses on many aspects of the patient’s life, not limited to the use of pharmacotherapy. He points out that pharmacological treatment should not only be effective, but also well tolerated and adapted to the individual needs and lives of patients. He always tries to explain what the problem is and present many possible solutions to improve the patient’s quality of life. She willingly cooperates with LGBTQIA patients, which allows them to feel comfortable during consultations and avoid additional stress related to the fear of talking about their orientation or sexual identity. “