Anna Szwarc

Anna Szwarc

  • Polish

Direction: Solution Focused Therapy.

Specialization: Psychologist.

Experience: Graduated from psychology at the University of Wrocław (uniform master’s degree studies). She gained experience in working with clients by coordinating a project aimed at activating people experiencing a mental crisis, carrying out individual consultations, psychological workshops and conducting psychoeducation, among others, in the Community Mutual Aid House, in the Social Integration Club, Schools or the Day Help Center.

Treatment: Works with adults. The main approach she uses in her work is a solution-focused approach, focusing on the needs, goals and capabilities of the client. She helps clients to increase awareness of their emotions and to improve the possibilities of regulating them, as well as build self-esteem.

Training and scientific work: She constantly invests in her development by taking part in trainings and courses broadening his perspective and knowledge in the field of psychological help. Currently, she is in the course of the annual Family Therapy Study, implemented by the Lower Silesian Psychotherapy Center. She completed the basic Solution Focused Therapy Course, the Social Skills Trainer Course, as well as training on helping people in a suicidal crisis, working with people in a homeless crisis or the Open Dialogue method.

Other: In working with the client, she focuses on the resources and needs of the client. Her work is based on an authentic relationship with the client, empathy, trust and faith that there is a potential that can be used in each of them. Together with the client, she works on building self-esteem and searching for an individual solution to the problem.