Adrianna Potocka-Graczyk

Adrianna Potocka-Graczyk

  • Polish

Direction: Gestalt.

Specialization: Psychologist.

Experience: A graduate of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wrocław. She graduated from a three-year school in the field of individual and group psychotherapy at the Psychological Education Center in Wrocław. She gained experience in many therapeutic facilities in Wrocław, e.g. at the Department of Psychiatry and Combat Stress Treatment at the Military Clinical Hospital, at the Lower Silesian Oncology Center, at the Wrocław Alzheimer’s Center, as well as at the Therapeutic Kindergarten for children with autism spectrum.

Treatment: Provides psychological support to adults, examines and rehabilitates cognitive functions, and diagnoses ADHD. In her therapeutic work, she draws on the Gestalt approach.