Adriana Yavorska

Adriana Yavorska

psychologist, crisis intervener
  • Polish
  • Russian

Direction: Integrative (combines the cognitive-behavioral current of the 3rd wave of ACT with art therapy and psychosomatics).

Specialization: Psychologist and crisis intervener.

Experience: Graduated from applied psychology at the Jagiellonian University and the crisis intervention of ITPB in Wrocław.

Treatment: Works with adults. She helps individuals learn about the psychological causes of their bodily symptoms and diseases, increase their self-esteem, and recognize their emotions. As a crisis intervener, she deals with psychological support for people in crisis: in times of mourning, loss of a close relationship or health, traumatic experience. She also helps Ukrainians to adapt to life in Poland in connection with the war.

Training and scientific work: Takes an active part in training, courses deepening the knowledge on “How to increase self-esteem and psychological flexibility”.

Others: She believes that every human being is individual, therefore she uses techniques from different trends in her work, she is also inspired by mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy and cinema. She believes that each individual is authentic and unique, therefore she bases his psychological work mainly on knowing, understanding and self-esteem.

She conducts psychological sessions in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.