ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is often seen in children, yet many adults suffer from it too. With age, clinical signs of ADHD differ, however to some extend certain elements of behavior show among adults, as well as children. What is important, there are effective meathods of diagnostics and treatment of adult's ADHD. All you need to do is to make an appointment with highly qualified psychiatrist, who have experience in field of attention disorders.


Price List


Psychiatric consult220 zł
Psychiatric consultation - first visit
dr Więcko
240 zł
Psychiatric consultation - first visit
dr Bekisz, dr Tylko, dr Stramecki
260 zł
Psychiatric consultation - next visit
dr Stramecki
230 zł
Psychiatric consultation
prof. Błażej Misiak
320 zł
ADHD diagnosis of adult
performed by a psychologist or psychiatrist
350 zł
PACKAGE: ADHD diagnosis of children
performed by a psychologist
1500 zł
PACKAGE: Research on development and intelligence IDS-2
performed by a psychologist
750 zł


Adult ADHD diagnosis in English450 zł
Psychiatric consult in English260 zł
Psychiatric consult in English
prof. Błażej Misiak
350 zł
Psychiatric consultation in English/Spanish - first time
dr Filip Stramecki
300 zł
Psychiatric consultation in English/Spanish - next time
dr Filip Stramecki
270 zł