dermatolog wykonuje zabieg


Among our doctors we have also specialists of dermatology. They conduct professional diagnostics and treatment of acne and any other skin imperfections, as well as perform esthetic procedures, to manage aging and revitalize your skin. W also provide top dermatological equipement, such as fraction CO2 laser and cryotreatment device.

  • Dermatology consult
  • Children’s dermatology consult
  • Face and head skin mesotherapy
  • Dermatoscopy
  • Cryoremoval of warts

Aesthetic Medicine

Esthetic medicine being the most evolving field of medicine offers patients wide variety of procedures to improve skin condition and prevent it from aging. Our dermatologists have completed appropriate trainings to perform such procedures.

  • Surgical removal of skin marks with histopathological analysis
  • Cryosurgical removal of skin marks
  • Botox procedures
  • Hyaluronic acid procedures


Price List


Dermatology consult190 zł
Dermatology consult
dr Kondratowicz, dr Seniuta, dr Kwapisz, dr Torz, dr Sztefko, dr Lesner
Children's dermatology consult250 zł
up to 5 skin moles
220 zł
more than 5 moles
320 zł
+30 zł for each subsequent mole
190 zł


Surgical removal of small (up to 8mm) skin mole with histopathological analysis400 zł
Surgical removal of big (more than 8mm) skin mole with histopathological analysisod 500 zł
Check up, suture removal50 zł
Outgrowth of scar treatment420 zł

Laser procedures - Alma Pixel CO2

Qualification190 zł
Face resurfacing1300 zł
Stomach stretch marks reduction500-1300 zł
Breast stretch marks reduction600-1000 zł
Thigh stretch marks reduction600-1200 zł
Acne treatment700 zł
Acne scars reduction1000 zł
Skin mole removal
up to 3 skin moles
400 zł
Skin mole removal
3-5 skin moles
500 zł
Skin mole removal
more than 5 skin moles
500 - 1000 zł

Esthetic Medicine

Face mesotherapy - Dermaheal HSR350 zł
Face mesotherapy - Aquashine BTX950 zł
Head mesotherapy - Dermaheal HL350 zł
Head mesotherapy - Dr Cyj750 zł
Chemical peel - salicylic acid250 zł
Chemical peel - almond acid250 zł
Chemical peel - glycolic acid250 zł
Chemical peel - TCA acid250 zł
Face skin revitalisation - Xylogic Retix250 zł


Voluma - 1 ml1300 zł
Voluma - 2 ml2200 zł

Skin biorevitalisation

Volite - 1 ml1300 zł
Volite - 2 ml2200 zł

Wringle reduction

1 okolica
600 zł
Stylage M - 1 ml900 zł
Stylage M - 2 ml1600 zł
Stylage Hydro Max - 1 ml700 zł
Stylage Hydro Max - 2 ml1200 zł


Stylage Lips1100 zł


2000 zł
2000 zł