We know how hard is to find trustworthy specialists to take care of our beloved children. Treating kids requires different approach, more patience and more creative thinking. Doctor has to gain trust not only of a little patient, but also a parent. At Ginemedica we have specialists from many medical fields, to provide complex care of your baby.


Price List


Breast ulrasound160 zł
Abdomen USG160 zł
Thyroid USg160 zł
Soft tissues USG160 zł
Urinary tract usg160 zł
Dermatology consult180 zł
Gynecolgy consult220 zł
Internist consult180 zł
Orthopedic consult220 zł
Infant's hips USG200 zł
Psychiatric consult
250 zł
Psychiatric consult
230 zł
ADOS-2 autism diagnostics1380 zł
Neuropsychological consult150 zł
Urology consult200 zł
Pediatric consult180 zł