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We know that planning and delivering birth can be stressful, especially for first-time parents. Qualified midwives with experience in working in the delivery and neonatal departments, run the Birth School classes for you. These are weekend meetings in a small group, during which the midwife will introduce you to the course of labor and preparations for it, and advise you on how to take care of the baby in the first days of life. We cordially invite you to participate in the Nativity School classes. They take place on selected weekends after making an appointment by phone. The program is carried out over two days (Saturday - Sunday) in our Center at ul. Sienkiewicza 30 B. Classes are conducted in the smallest groups in Wrocław!

Weekend course program

First day - SATURDAY

  • How can you tell if labor has started? When to go to the hospital?
  • Hospital bag - what should you take with you?
  • Physiology of the course of natural childbirth
  • Labor hormone cocktail - emotions in childbirth
  • Childbirth psychoprophylaxis - what is the meaning of labor pain? What intensifies his
  • feeling?
  • Natural methods of relieving labor pain: massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy,
  • TENS, elements of hypnotism
  • Pharmacological methods of relieving labor pain: gas, epidural anesthesia
  • The role of the partner in childbirth
  • Massage, vertical positions
  • Cesarean section - planned and emergency indications, preparation for cesarean section, what happens during the operation?
  • Proceedings after childbirth - skin-to-skin contact, optimal cleavage, APGAR score
  • Overview of local delivery facilities
  • Normal breathing during childbirth
  • Create your own Birth Plan

Second day - SUNDAY

  • The puerperium after natural childbirth and cesarean section. How to prepare for it?
  • Return of fertility after childbirth
  • Baby blues - how to deal with it?
  • Postpartum body care: care of the perineum, caesarean section scars, breasts
  • Newborn - what medical treatments are performed in the first days of a child's life?
  • Neonatal Transitions - What should be concerned and what is physiology?
  • Daily care of a newborn baby
  • Bath in a standard bathtub, care for the skin and umbilical cord stump
  • Lactation physiology - first attachment, how food is formed, indicators of successful feeding

The number of places is limited!
Registration: CM Ginemedica reception desk and e-mail

It is possible to conduct an Individual Antenatal Education Course adjusted thematically and in time to your needs. In this case, please contact us by e-mail,

The fee for a group course is PLN 500, to book a place please contact us by phone or e-mail and make an advance payment of PLN 100 Account number: 64 1090 1522 0000 0001 3648 8092


ul. Podwale 83/03, 50-414 Wrocław

Amount: PLN 100

Transfer title: birthing school: student's name, course start date (within 7 days from the date of booking)

Please send the confirmation of the transfer to the following address: 
The rest of the fee should be paid during the first class.
The advance payment is non-returnable in the event of cancellation of the course.

Price List

Birth School

Weekend birth school classes – small group
from a couple or a person, two-day training, 8h
500 zł
Individual antenatal classes with a midwife at the patient's home
in Wrocław, 1h
200 zł
Individual antenatal classes with a midwife at the patient's home
in Wrocław, 4h
480 zł
Individual antenatal classes with a midwife at the patient's home
in Wrocław, 10h
1000 zł

Patronage visits

Midwife patronage visit
in Wrocław, the price includes neonatal and obstetric assessment, education, suture removal, feeding assessment and issuing recommendations
250 zł
A patronage visit by a midwife with instructions on how to bathe a newborn
in Wroclaw, the price includes assessment of the newborn and obstetrics, education, instruction on how to bathe the newborn, removal of sutures, assessment of feeding and issuing recommendations
300 zł
Package: 2 patronage visits400 zł
Package: 2 patronage visits with bath instructions450 zł
Package: 4 patronage visits850 zł
Package: 4 patronage visits with bath instructions900 zł
Midwife patronage visit (with or without bathing instruction)
outside Wrocław
determined individually