Adult & Pediatric Orthopedics

It is very important to perform hip ultrasound in 6.-12. weeks old infants. This allows to asses bone structure and hip development. In older kids, posture abnormalities are to be corrected. At Ginemedica there are specialists of orthopedics, who consults, perform physical examination and ultrasound of joints and muscles.

  • Hip ultrasound
  • Orthopedic consult
  • Orthopedic ultrasound


Price List


Infant's hips USG200 zł
Orthopedic consult200 zł
Orthopedic consult with USG220 zł
Ortopedic connsult with intra-articular injection Depo-Medrol250zł
Ortopedic connsult with intra-articular injection Diphropos270zł
Cconsultation for surgery200zł